Monday, April 28, 2008

What really happenned at the Easter Dinner

So hard to believe that this so called non-profit could possibly be any more of a fraud! The Jacobs Deliverance Foundation spent all of two months collecting donations in front of stores all over Pasadena and surrounding cities raising close to 40,000 dollars for an Easter Dinner... this was what the organization called dinner! After seeing what could only be considered as a total scam! The only thing was to inquire of one of the people that worked for the organization and even the person I spoke with was disgusted that all the hard work he had done for this so called non profit no more than 15 people were fed.... not counting the jacobs family of course....

Apparently the head of the organization James Jacobs has been at this for the past 5 years going from city to city collecting for "programs" that he has no actual proof of except of course what's been made up by his son Fred Jacobs who's history of incarceration is nothing to laugh at, and the other members of the jacobs family that conveniently change their last names to avoid being associated to the head of the organization Terri Rodriguez and Berzette Green that run an adult escort service. According to the person I spoke with the only thing that's kosher about this so called organization is that they are frauds! Try looking them up in the yellow pages for an address and you'll find out they don't have an office! Even the pictures they have posted on their site are more family members simply acting for the camera!
It's amazing that the authorities haven't caught up to Mr. Jacobs after all the money he's collected, he's sure to have some sort of magical way of coning even the IRS
after all as of Jan 1, 2008 every non-profit organization has to not only file a return regardless of the amount of money collected but every non-profit organization has to make their financial statement public for viewing. Either way... Mr. Jacobs will have to show face for the thousands and thousands of dollars that his organization has collected over the years... or if not him I'm sure his son or his daughters or his niece, all of which have been funneling funds into their personal bank accounts can come up with some sort of answers... but it's highly doubtful that they will care to share them with anybody... at least not for free!